recording but not yet releasing

hello. after a bit of a quiet spring, i have a few shows to add to the sidebar, mostly at farmer's markets, which i love. i might do a bit of busking this year during cruise ship season too.

my big announcements for the day have to do with recording things. first, the novemberists have decided to become a real band, and not just a tribute act. so makes sense we will change our name, and the new band is now called tamarack. we've written a bunch of songs and are trying to get them recorded or at least performed a few times before the fall. i am very excited about this, because there's something really special about playing music with your very best friends. i am friends with all the people i play music with these days, but the guys in tamarack are the friend group i hang out with every week and do activities with, and tell my life story to. so that's pretty neat.

second, static in action are getting ready to record a split ep with ricochet. the plan is to release a split 7" which comes with a digital download featuring a couple more songs. very excited about this, but it might take a little while for it to be ready. this will be my first vinyl release. i don't even have a record player.

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