that was a great gobblefest weekend. caper radio really outdid themselves! on saturday static in action played at governor's pub to a bar filled with crazy people who crowd surfed, jumped on tables, sang along and generally had smiles on their faces constantly. we enjoyed it every bit as much as they did and probably more.

last night i attended the evening show at st. pat's and caught one of the songwriter's circles featuring my pals mikey lelievre, carolyn lionais and sean macgillivray and then i got a special surprise and was asked to play a few tunes myself. it was a really attentive crowd, and that church museum is one of the nicest venues in sydney. but i gotta tell you the thing that made it so special was that carolyn and sean sang along with my songs (and sean even played some guitar for me). these guys will just knock you out with their voices, and they are also two of my favorite songwriters of all time. it's pretty amazing that all of these astounding musicians come from cape breton, and even more astounding is that they are willing to sing with me. to me there is nothing better than 3 part harmonies, and when you have singers like these in the mix, it's like being wrapped in a giant musical hug.

next up was crowdis bridge, featuring my friend ben furey (hear ben's pretty voice on my recording of "inverness" here). they are a kickass bluegrass band, and i highly recommend checking them out. they have a new album out and everything.

all in all it was a great weekend. i had some great food, i swam in the ocean (october 9th, no less!) and played at and enjoyed two great shows that were chock full of friends and music, and friends who make amazing music.