old times and new times

the rock ranger show was pretty exceptional. it brought back many memories and there were sad feelings mixed in with happy ones. it was truly bittersweet for me, because when i was younger, i looked up to those guys so much. i would have given my right arm to play a song with rock ranger. and then i got to do it, but only after jay was gone. harry recorded the whole thing, you can watch it below.

on a personal note of dissatisfaction: you may notice in the video that for the first half of the show, a dude was taking photos right in the face of the band members. i'm not against taking show photos, but this guy was super disruptive and blocking the crowd's view of the band, not just for a song or two, but for a full half of the band's setlist.

please, photographers, be considerate of the crowd that came to see the band play. you are not the only person at the show. especially when the show is a very emotional moment that involves cathartic release for people who have lost a friend. if you are a good photographer, you don't need to take one thousand photos to get good shots, or you can probably get some good shots using methods that don't ruin the show for everyone else. i personally was super distracted by this guy jostling me and standing in front of me with a giant camera (AND ignoring my requests to, uh, not do those things) that it really almost ruined an important event for me. so yeah, don't be a selfish jerk. that's my public service announcement for the day.

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