rainy days revisited

this summer has been so full. full of swimming, and boats, and gardens and little woodland creatures. in between my summer revelry, i've managed to record a few things, and i'm putting them here for you to listen to.

first, i recently celebrated with two dear friends of mine as they got married. for the occasion, i wrote them a song called "like a kite" which you can download here. it features morgan currie on the fiddle.

second, i was asked to record a cover of a mike o'neill song for an upcoming tribute album. this was very exciting because mike is one of my very favorite artists of all time. it comes with a little story: back in the day i was watching "much east", and i believe they were having a "wake" for the inbreds, as they recently decided to disband. mike was talking about his next project, and said he would be making a demo, and if people wanted to hear it he'd send them a cassette for 7 or 8 dollars or something. so of course i wrote in to perimeter records and requested one, and one of my favorite songs on it was a b-side called in the back of my mind which never made it onto a mike o'neill record. so here is my version of it.

finally, that lovely wedding i went to made me feel a bit croony, so i recorded a few oldies on the baritone uke that i learned for the event. enjoy!

women of substance fundraiser
flavor on the water