a life of lethargy

well i feel burned out. my semester away was very difficult. i rocked it, but it meant that when i got home i just wanted to crash. and instead of crashing, well, i played 4 shows which consisted of 9 sets with 5 bands. so now i am having a sort of delayed crash. and since the crash means that i am procrastinating while i'm supposed to be doing homework for a class in what is my final semester of my undergraduate degree, i felt i should write a post on my website.

i think the shows mostly went well. they reinforced my feelings that i don't like to play quiet shows in noisy bars, and that there's nothing better than playing music with the people i love and admire.

the crash has me thinking about other things too. since right now i feel like doing nothing at all, of course my brain wants me to feel guilty about all the things i should be doing. and there are so many. i want to start putting on all ages shows. i want to write a personal song for each of my friends. i want to learn how to play the drums. i want to find a job (this one might be more of a need). i want to start a science blog so that one day i might get a better job in my chosen field. i want to learn how to brew beer. i want to start at least 3 new bands - one of which would be a bass and drums duo.

we'll have to wait and see if any of these things come to fruition. but in the meanwhile, watch these videos of bass and drums bands, the first one is my favorite band the inbreds, and the second is a video of my friends rad and subtract: