so as you can see from the events on the sidebar, i have been a busy booking bee. to maximize holiday spirit and efficiency (aka the heart of rock and roll), i am playing multiple sets at each show. for acoustic blitzen on dec 19 i'm playing with the novemberists and also a solo set (probably just xmas songs), then yellow and static in action are opening for iron giant on dec 21 at a new venue (the billiard connection), and then the novemberists and billie yvette avenue are playing on dec 28th and 29th for a pair of special shows. there may even be one more addition in the works. i'm excited to say that my bud aaron corbett will be playing the show on dec 28th with us. it's been way too long since i have seen him play. his songs are heart-ful pop masterpieces and his stage banter is usually quite entertaining.

i'd like you to check out the newest static in action video. it was filmed by the illustrious jenni welsh and edited by our own harry doyle. the recording was mixed by matty burke of caper radio, and i must say it sounds incredible. i recommend listening with headphones for the full experience.

also, for those who like to listen to music on youtubes, i put some songs up on my channel, including a christmas music playlist! give em a listen.

women of substance fundraiser
flavor on the water