5 more weeks!

5 more weeks until i am in the home of my heart again. i have never been so busy with school, but i'm spending my few spare moments trying to book some shows for when i return - you can see the results on the sidebar. hopefully there will be some more stuff on that sidebar before too long. my goal is to play a show with every band i'm in. we'll have to see if that works out.

as you may know, christmas is my favorite time of year, mostly because of the shows that take place in cape breton during the holidays. when everyone comes home from away (hey, i'll be one of them this time!), and every day there's something going on, usually stacked lineups with all the bands you rarely get to see.

anyway, keep checking back, i have a month and some to get my act(s) together, so i suspect there will be updates in the near future! in the meantime, check out a new video by david daix:

David Daix from mark scott on Vimeo.

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