upcoming events

i'm going to reserve the events section on this site for my own gigs but i'll let you know here about upcoming gigs for other bands i am in. 

if you are in sydney, you can check out my punk band, static in action at two shows in the near future:  we're playing at the upstairs club on september 30th.  this show is a fundraiser for gobblefest, which is coincidentally the next show we are playing on october 8th at governor's pub.  you really should check out gobblefest, it's a weekend-long festival with local and away bands that occurs on thanksgiving weekend.  it's been kind of a traditional event though it seemed to be going the way of the wild turkey (actually i think there's probably still a lot of wild turkeys around - was i talking about the booze?  that's probably doing well too.  ah well, you know what i meant), but this year caper radio has revived it. 

i'll probably be talking about caper radio a lot on here, since it's run by friends of mine and they just happen to be doing an INCREDIBLE job at promoting local music in cape breton.  but, since i don't want to use up all my blog content in one day, i will wait til the next awesome thing they do to tell you more about my feelings about caper.  check out www.caperradio.com anyway and see for yourself.