summer of science

so lots has been happening to me lately, even though i haven't been posting much (but i have kept the events up to date at least). sorry about that. this summer is pretty busy with non-music related stuff. i have a cool summer job which involves doing a lot of science field work (read: hanging out on cape breton beaches and driving around in boats on the beautiful bras d'or lakes). all of this is in advance of me going to BC for the fall semester to an awesome (and somewhat secluded) marine biology station. so i guess my goal for this summer is to play a lot of music to make up for a quiet autumn.

i didn't really mention it when it happened, but a month or two ago static in action played at the phoenix nightclub and noodle bar in north sydney, which was awesome. it is a really cool place and it's always exciting when a new venue appears. i haven't gotten the chance to try the noodles yet though.

we also played a great show at babas in PEI with ricochet. i absolutely love playing at that place, it reminds me of the maple leaf in sydney. small rooms make for the best shows.

coming up, as you can see on the sidebar, there's a bunch of shows in the near future, all of which i am excited for. yellow's playing with two bands that are amazing - alright already, which is sean macgillivray's band (and possibly one of my favorite bands of all time), and the the pathological lovers (watch / listen to a video here). i can't wait to see this band because it features jody richardson from fur packed action. fur packed are my favorite east coast band that i never got to see live. they played at gobblefest one time, i believe, and i didn't go see them, and then later they broke up. once i discovered their music, i've been kicking myself for missing their show(s) ever since. anyway, i would recommend not missing these shows. if just for the experience of seeing me become a starry-eyed fangirl.

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