jay smith

my good friend jay smith died this week. i'm really devastated by this news. he was an awesome guy. he had a flair for really dumb jokes, which i loved. his band, rock ranger, was my favorite band ever to come out of cape breton, and he was one of the best guitar players i ever saw. rock ranger was the inspiration for yellow. if i hadn't heard them, who knows what different track my life would have taken. i was such a star-struck little teenager when i met him, but he was always kind to me, and eventually we became friends. we played many shows together over the years. i can't believe he's gone. jay was a total rock star, moreso than anyone i ever met. i remember him taking the cd out of the cd player at a party and putting rock ranger on instead. haha. it was hilarious, and somehow really charming. he was the real deal and he could pull off stuff like that. he was the lead guitar player for matt mays, and got to travel a lot with that band. i know he had a great life doing what he loved to do, but i feel like there was more left for him. i'll miss him.

www.mattmays.ca has a trust set up to raise money for his family. i think you should also click here to listen to rock ranger, or here to listen to his solo stuff - it's what he would have wanted, haha. the year he put out that solo album, a guy named jay smith won sweden idol or something, and we used to laugh about how once every couple of months he'd get a big cheque from people in sweden accidentally buying his album on itunes. here is a song by ladies room - one of his first bands, and the first one i ever heard. they played at the first show i ever attended, though i missed their set.

women of substance fundraiser
flavor on the water