nostalgia machine (out of order)

click here to download an mp3 of part of a CBC special on cape breton indie rock from 2006. there's some tom fun, 3 piece suit, lighthouse choir, and hulk out and kill in there. my friend thomas allen sent it to me today and it made me so happy to remember how crazy and busy and exciting everything used to be (insert jaded here). although during the ecmas she's talking about in the interview, i think i played 11 sets between tom fun, yellow, and solo, and ended up losing my voice and crying in a hotel room in the afternoon of the last day, haha.

it made me search out this old thing. when i was a teenager i had a subscription to chart magazine and pictures of our lady peace and i mother earth all over my walls (i also liked cool bands like thrush hermit and the inbreds, so don't get all judgy, i was like 14 for frig sake), and i dreamed of the day i would be in that mystical publication. so when this happened i was kinda super stoked. anyway, just thought i'd share. all about the old times lately.

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