new tune

here is a new / old tune i wrote. the words were weird so i never played it, but recently i rewrote the bits that were bothering me so now it's good. click here to download. thanks to my pal rob macaulay for recording this demo for me. i'll put it in the music section as soon as i learn how!

They’re tearing down the house next door
They began while I was sleeping
I dreamed of giant insects clawing at my door
I awoke to find a similar thing
I can feel a hollow space inside of me
Solid ground is shifting where I stand
The backdrop of my childhood memories
Now exists complete in naught but photographs

They could have picked a better time
Than December fifteenth
To expose my house on the northern side
To the winter wind

But that is the way time falls
Change is a thing that you can't tame
When alarming crashes sound from just beyond your walls
You can choose to run away or to remain

This year I saw in mid-November
A pair of tiny flying things
And it broke my heart to see them
And I hoped not to see them again

One day my house will fall down
And it will leave no lasting trace
No signpost to stand where I spent all this time
No one left to speak my name

I saw moths in mid-November
What a strange and sorry thing
Do they know their lives are over
When the frost begins?

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