yellow xmas

it's almost time! i have a crazy week of schoolwork ahead of me and then it's time for super fun xmas music extravaganza time.

and i guess it is time to let the cat out of the bag and announce - the return of YELLOW! we'll it's not technically a return, since it's an entirely different lineup but it will be me and some amazing people playing yellow songs. technically this will be the 4th completely different lineup that i've played these songs with (yellow4.0). this time around i'm joined by devon strang (drums), mike morrison (of rock ranger fame, guitar), jason burke (guitar - yes that's right including me there are 3 GUITARS) and harry doyle (bass). if you've forgotten or never knew what yellow sounded like, i suggest you listen to this or this.

in non-yellow-related news, i am super excited to play christmas songs again (check out the music section for my christmas album), and it looks like i might be playing with all of my bands at some point or other over christmas break. now that's what i call comfort and joy. i'll update the events as they get confirmed.

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