november already

hi. i've updated the videos section with two static in action videos, including this one, from gobblefest 2012:

also, i am very excited because my decemberists tribute band, the novemberists, are getting all together for the first time in a while and playing a double header on november 23. 4/6 of us busked together during lumiere this year and it was so nice we had to see if we could play a couple of real shows. luckily, our keyboard player, kristen, had already booked a gig with her other (amazing) band, young wanda, so it worked out perfectly. i really missed playing with these guys over the last few months. we're all really great pals and i think we play great together. in case you wanna hear check this one out:

another thing i'm working on is a mini maritime tour for static in action and the shithawks in the new year. i'll keep you updated.

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