back to school, back to school

to prove to dad that i'm not a fool. little adam sandler reference for you there.

many unusual things are happening to me lately, i have a birthday coming up and an appointment for a few small tattoos with an amazing tattoo artist. she's so good i wish i wasn't too chicken to get a large piece. i have also recently had a hankering to write some short stories, including a sci-fi one about various scientific paths to immortality. haha. who knows, maybe this will get my songwriting juices flowing again.

there are a few shows added over in the sidebar there, and some gigs coming up with static in action and billie yvette avenue too, so i'm looking forward to that. static in action are closing out lumiere in sydney this year under the library's overhang, so that's gonna be neat. it's an event called making noise at the library, and i think there's gonna be music inside the library all night too. i can't wait to see all the neat installations. here's a video about last year's lumiere:

women of substance fundraiser
flavor on the water