i am excited! i am playing a gig opening for ruth minnikin as part of music nova scotia's new music saturdays at the casino in sydney on september 1st.

ruth is one of my faves for sure. one time my mom was listening to joel plaskett and "blinding light" came on, and my mom asked if it was me singing with joel plaskett. and it made me soooo happy because that was the best compliment. but yeah, ruth is amazing. she has guest starred on every album ever and writes the best songs, which makes her kind of my hero. if you are the one person who hasn't heard her lovely voice, check out the video below:

in non-music related news, i was on the radio talking about science recently which is always fun. you can hear it here.

also, i'm keeping a little secret for a while that involves jamming with some cape breton rock musicians on a project that makes me a little nostalgic... that's all i'm saying for now.

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