my crazy summer is drawing to a close. or the more stressful part anyway (summer chemistry course hey!).

i'm gonna be playing a few little things here and there hopefully now that i am less busy, although i need to get some beach time in for sure. there's an exciting gig in the works for early september and i'll update once it's confirmed, but until then i'll let you know about what i am doing tonight.

i'm playing at take back the night - a march in protest of violence against women which ends in a free concert at the bandshell in wentworth park. the set is short and then i'm running over to the casino to judge a battle of the bands put on by music nova scotia.

i did this once before in the very first round and i am back for the finals, which consists of the winners from each round: heartwood slacks, ricochet and the regal beagle band, plus a wild card: hello click. i am going to go out on a limb and say this is gonna be a tough call.

women of substance fundraiser
flavor on the water