yvette time

so as you can see i've been playing a bunch with billie yvette avenue. which works for me because i think yvette has some of the most amazing songs, lyrics and voice of just about anyone i know. there's even a bit of recordin' and video'in' going on. so i will have to get the master of this website, aka my wonderful partner adam, to update the music section and add a spot for all the yvette goodness that is going to appear soon. and the first installment is the video below from the gig we played at caper radio last night! courtesy of, who else, the incomparable jenni welsh.

in other news, i have a new awesome summer job at the library where i am going to be teaching kids about science all summer. it's seriously amazing. however the whole 9-5 thing, plus taking a course in school is gonna be putting a strain on my extracurricular activities. so hopefully i can play as many gigs as i planned. let's see if i can survive the summer!

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