so i survived the marathon. i had tons of songs left over, and they weren't even just the crappy ones either. it was fun because i got to dig out some of the older songs i haven't played in a while. it makes me proud of my little teenagery-early-twenties self and gives me a reason to whip my school-befuddled current self into shape. i wrote some decent songs back in the day.

i also didn't mention about the country show in baddeck either. that was a blast. i really really enjoyed singing patsy cline songs, and my backup band was top notch. the show was right in the barn with the horses and we got to have a tour, introducing us to each one. some of these poor guys had a rough go, but the owners are super awesome people. it seems like the money they make there is just so they can keep their operation going and keep saving animals. i'd recommend keeping an ear out for these folks and attending some of their events over the year.

i was stoked because the barn was just full of chickens and dogs and ducks and ducklings and a goat, just wandering around. super fun to play with horses neighing and roosters crowing, and later i tried to catch some ducklings but they were too quick for me. it was too bad that the show happened during the most insane rain and wind storm ever, but a pile of people still came out and we only got moderately wet inside the barn.

anywhoo, typing this extra long post may have something to do with the fact that i have a paper due in an hour and a half and i'm only part way done. check the sidebar and you will see that i am playing in sydney this thursday (it's a long weekend though, so think of it as friday). hope to see some folks out!