6th time's a charm

hey! the battle of the SADS 6 is coming up.

i think this is the best idea i ever had. for those who are not familiar, musicians compete to perform the saddest song. this year it's a live stream and the audience can vote online. i may or may not have a super sad song about the pandemic ready to go by then, haha.

go to the doktor luke's facebook page for more details and check out the facebook event. you also have til the end of february to buy a 50/50 raffle ticket (must be a resident of nova scotia!). last year we raised over $1600 dollars, with half going to the raffle winner and the other half going to support caper radio.

last thing, here is a video of a song i wrote for tamarack called silver thaw - we had an ice storm this week and the world has been a sparkly wonderland for two days. it's worth the price of power outages to live in a jewel, i think.