recording recording recording

for the last few months i've been taking turns hibernating, working on school stuff, and collaborating with my musical friends on various recording projects. some are complete, some in progress, and some planned, but it's a big year.

first things first, i am super excited to share with you this excellent tune by last minute rivet, a side project of my pal billie yvette rogers. i feel so lucky to get to play with yvette because she is one of my favorite songwriters and just an all around excellent human being. this wasn't the only tune that we recorded so keep checking back because i'll put links to them here when they are released.

click here to download the song.

just so you know i'm not pulling your leg, here's a little rundown of the other recording projects i am working on currently: i am working on another cd with my dad, i got to guest star on an upcoming alright already recording, static in action are in the lab preparing for an upcoming recording and i am going to sing a lil something with my pals fire valley fire pretty soon too! and more recorded and in progress with yvette. the studio is my happy place.

stay tuned for more recording news, and get ready for destigmatize in may (see sidebar for more details).

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