long time no blog. midterms will do that to ya. almost done and so far i'm still alive so that bodes well. i will live on to sing more songs to you. and i will sing a few tomorrow. in baddeck! in a barn! and they will be patsy cline songs! and my pals will be playing them with me (namely, steve wilton, shane o'handley, kristen read, yvette rogers and maybe a special guest or two). this will be a barrel of monkeys. or horsies. whatever. i hope to see you there.

Directions to Rocking Horse Ranch: take exit 9 on the Trans Canada Highway, and turn towards Uisge Ban Falls (away from the village of Baddeck) when you get to the end of the road, hang a right (still as if you are headed to Uisge Ban Falls) and when you pass the entrance to the falls, watch for a dirt road on your left -- there will be a sign directing you to Rocking Horse Ranch.