april showers of music

there are a few neat gigs coming up. the first one is a project by CBU prof richard mackinnon, in which he found some old protest songs about the steel plant and coal mines that had been published in newspapers and the like, and then approached modern musicians in CB to interpret them and write music. it's kind of like billy bragg and wilco with mermaid avenue, but this time it's about our history. i've got a loud drum and bass rock song on there with steve wilton on drums, and i'm also singing backup and playing bass on an original song by yvette rogers. on wednesday the 13th, there's an album release and i'll be performing at the event.

here are two articles about the cd / show: number 1 and number 2.

the other thing is the no-cases. i LOVE no-cases. i like ecma week because there's lots of music everywhere, and the no-cases are particularly special because they are for everyone, whether you are formally accepted by the oxymoronic music industry or not. i'm looking forward to this very much. jason burke will be playing with me, and it's gonna be a lovely time.

women of substance fundraiser
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