recording (wishful thinking)

i bought the new crowdis bridge cd today and it made me think about how much i want to record an album. i want to record something in a fancy studio that sounds super slick. the glitch in this plan is that i am so damn poor. i'm no good at writing grant proposals and i can't save money for the life of me.

i can't plausibly see a way this can happen any time soon until i'm finished school and working as a nurse (at which time i'll have disposable income but probably not much free time), so i suppose i must turn to the supernatural for help. maybe the universe is listening and it'll somehow make it possible. so i'll put it out there. i have my backing band all picked out (my friends are all so amazing). i know what studio i'd like to record in. i have a whole lot of demo songs to choose from. now i just need a miracle!