novembs and steelworkers

here is a video of the novemberists from a show at the cb fudge co in, well, november of 2012. it was shot by jenni welsh c/o caper radio, and edited by ashley harding. check out some of ashley's awesome photos here. she's been photoing some recent shows, including the novembs and two yellow sets, and the results are awesome.

also i recently wrote a poem thing about steelworkers hall, the one-time all ages venue in sydney that is now a sears department store. walking in there last year brought me so many weird sad feelings that i almost had a recent parcel delivered to a distant sears in coxheath to avoid having to go in there. but that was a silly waste of gas, so i did it, but got all stirred up again and wrote this. it's weird, you don't always realize the impact a place can have on you til it changes, or is suddenly gone -- i always thought it was just a dirty old hall, and looking back it's one of the homiest places i can think of. i bet the people who owned it never knew it meant anything to any of us. anyway, i posted it to facebook and some people enjoyed it, so i thought i'd leave it here as well. maybe one day i'll turn it into a song.

Last summer I bought a dress online
It was just something to go over a bathing suit; I’m scared of getting burnt
And when it came I had to go and pick it up.
I parked in the lot where we smoked and played hackey sack
I walked past the railing where harry hurt his knee skating
And pulled open the door that never quite closed all the way.
I winced at the big grey handle and the sound of the metal bar on the second door and
I walked into the room where my younger self stood.
She would never have worn a dress; even bathing suits were too girly
She swam in shorts and a black band t-shirt.
I walked across the beigy grey-flecked tiles
Dirty, not from mud and cigarette ashes on the bottom of 50 chucks,
but streaked with parallel lines of rubber from wheeling the fridges and ranges in.
The stage is a washing machine showcase – their chrome handles sparkle at eye level
You can just imagine the clothes whirling through the polished glass portholes.
In the small room, the green floor was carpeted over and lined with shelves.
The floor where Isaac stood
and sang into the mic as Slowcoaster set up,
The background in that picture of Melissa.
I got my stupid dress, and the counter girl didn’t understand
Why picking up this particular parcel should make me so sad
Or why next time I’ll be angry or sullen.
Who wouldn’t be stoked to get some duvet clips?
The pinnacle of adult life is luxurious bedclothes.
Maybe one day we can turn all our music places into stores
And we can shop til we’re so tired and thirsty
That we line up in the drive-thru for shitty coffee to sustain our shopping
Until the lineup spills onto the street and we block the traffic going somewhere else.

Posted: 2013-01-15 01:36:06 UTC by ap

new tune

here is a new / old tune i wrote. the words were weird so i never played it, but recently i rewrote the bits that were bothering me so now it's good. click here to download. thanks to my pal rob macaulay for recording this demo for me. i'll put it in the music section as soon as i learn how!

They’re tearing down the house next door
They began while I was sleeping
I dreamed of giant insects clawing at my door
I awoke to find a similar thing
I can feel a hollow space inside of me
Solid ground is shifting where I stand
The backdrop of my childhood memories
Now exists complete in naught but photographs

They could have picked a better time
Than December fifteenth
To expose my house on the northern side
To the winter wind

But that is the way time falls
Change is a thing that you can't tame
When alarming crashes sound from just beyond your walls
You can choose to run away or to remain

This year I saw in mid-November
A pair of tiny flying things
And it broke my heart to see them
And I hoped not to see them again

One day my house will fall down
And it will leave no lasting trace
No signpost to stand where I spent all this time
No one left to speak my name

I saw moths in mid-November
What a strange and sorry thing
Do they know their lives are over
When the frost begins?

Posted: 2012-12-12 03:48:13 UTC by ap

yellow xmas

it's almost time! i have a crazy week of schoolwork ahead of me and then it's time for super fun xmas music extravaganza time.

and i guess it is time to let the cat out of the bag and announce - the return of YELLOW! we'll it's not technically a return, since it's an entirely different lineup but it will be me and some amazing people playing yellow songs. technically this will be the 4th completely different lineup that i've played these songs with (yellow4.0). this time around i'm joined by devon strang (drums), mike morrison (of rock ranger fame, guitar), jason burke (guitar - yes that's right including me there are 3 GUITARS) and harry doyle (bass). if you've forgotten or never knew what yellow sounded like, i suggest you listen to this or this.

in non-yellow-related news, i am super excited to play christmas songs again (check out the music section for my christmas album), and it looks like i might be playing with all of my bands at some point or other over christmas break. now that's what i call comfort and joy. i'll update the events as they get confirmed.

Posted: 2012-11-30 14:18:43 UTC by ap

november already

hi. i've updated the videos section with two static in action videos, including this one, from gobblefest 2012:

also, i am very excited because my decemberists tribute band, the novemberists, are getting all together for the first time in a while and playing a double header on november 23. 4/6 of us busked together during lumiere this year and it was so nice we had to see if we could play a couple of real shows. luckily, our keyboard player, kristen, had already booked a gig with her other (amazing) band, young wanda, so it worked out perfectly. i really missed playing with these guys over the last few months. we're all really great pals and i think we play great together. in case you wanna hear check this one out:

another thing i'm working on is a mini maritime tour for static in action and the shithawks in the new year. i'll keep you updated.

Posted: 2012-11-04 17:58:29 UTC by ap


this weekend is gobblefest. you can't miss it!

facebook event

Posted: 2012-10-04 23:34:19 UTC by ap

back to school, back to school

to prove to dad that i'm not a fool. little adam sandler reference for you there.

many unusual things are happening to me lately, i have a birthday coming up and an appointment for a few small tattoos with an amazing tattoo artist. she's so good i wish i wasn't too chicken to get a large piece. i have also recently had a hankering to write some short stories, including a sci-fi one about various scientific paths to immortality. haha. who knows, maybe this will get my songwriting juices flowing again.

there are a few shows added over in the sidebar there, and some gigs coming up with static in action and billie yvette avenue too, so i'm looking forward to that. static in action are closing out lumiere in sydney this year under the library's overhang, so that's gonna be neat. it's an event called making noise at the library, and i think there's gonna be music inside the library all night too. i can't wait to see all the neat installations. here's a video about last year's lumiere:

Posted: 2012-09-11 18:33:06 UTC by ap


i am excited! i am playing a gig opening for ruth minnikin as part of music nova scotia's new music saturdays at the casino in sydney on september 1st.

ruth is one of my faves for sure. one time my mom was listening to joel plaskett and "blinding light" came on, and my mom asked if it was me singing with joel plaskett. and it made me soooo happy because that was the best compliment. but yeah, ruth is amazing. she has guest starred on every album ever and writes the best songs, which makes her kind of my hero. if you are the one person who hasn't heard her lovely voice, check out the video below:

in non-music related news, i was on the radio talking about science recently which is always fun. you can hear it here.

also, i'm keeping a little secret for a while that involves jamming with some cape breton rock musicians on a project that makes me a little nostalgic... that's all i'm saying for now.

Posted: 2012-07-30 18:16:47 UTC by ap


my crazy summer is drawing to a close. or the more stressful part anyway (summer chemistry course hey!).

i'm gonna be playing a few little things here and there hopefully now that i am less busy, although i need to get some beach time in for sure. there's an exciting gig in the works for early september and i'll update once it's confirmed, but until then i'll let you know about what i am doing tonight.

i'm playing at take back the night - a march in protest of violence against women which ends in a free concert at the bandshell in wentworth park. the set is short and then i'm running over to the casino to judge a battle of the bands put on by music nova scotia.

i did this once before in the very first round and i am back for the finals, which consists of the winners from each round: heartwood slacks, ricochet and the regal beagle band, plus a wild card: hello click. i am going to go out on a limb and say this is gonna be a tough call.

Posted: 2012-07-28 12:22:18 UTC by ap

i've gone commercial

i was lucky to be a part of the song and video featured below - it's a commercial for the creative island, a project by the cape breton center for craft and design, which shows all the amazing hands-on creative activities that are available for people to do in cape breton.

the song was written by yvette rogers specifically for the project and the recording features yvette's lovely voice and guitar (obviously), as well as me on harms and ben on harms and guitars. i can't get it out of my head! it's one of my favorite yvette songs for sure (though i will probably say that after each one).

anyway, give it a listen and a look, and keep an eye out for the 30 second version which will be on CTV this summer.

Posted: 2012-06-24 22:39:31 UTC by ap

yvette time

so as you can see i've been playing a bunch with billie yvette avenue. which works for me because i think yvette has some of the most amazing songs, lyrics and voice of just about anyone i know. there's even a bit of recordin' and video'in' going on. so i will have to get the master of this website, aka my wonderful partner adam, to update the music section and add a spot for all the yvette goodness that is going to appear soon. and the first installment is the video below from the gig we played at caper radio last night! courtesy of, who else, the incomparable jenni welsh.

in other news, i have a new awesome summer job at the library where i am going to be teaching kids about science all summer. it's seriously amazing. however the whole 9-5 thing, plus taking a course in school is gonna be putting a strain on my extracurricular activities. so hopefully i can play as many gigs as i planned. let's see if i can survive the summer!

Posted: 2012-06-20 11:40:54 UTC by ap